The Aquatic Games aims to attract THE top youth talent from around the USA and the globe

We realize attending can be difficult for full teams, both financially and logistically. Therefore we have created an option for individuals and coaches to form their own ALL STAR teams. 

There are several ways this can work:

  • A coach can create his/her own ALL STAR team.
  • Two or more coaches from different clubs can join together to create one stronger or complete team. 
  • We can reach out to try to find an Olympian or high-level coach to accompany and coach your team.
  • An individual can let us know he/she is looking for a team and we will connect them with a coach and team.


On the first day of the Games (Aug 2), Tony and Adam will be running a Combine (skill evaluation). Each individual will be evaluated completing 6-8 water polo specific drills (and filmed with the Watlicam underwater camera). Athletes will also be measured (height, arm span, hand size etc.). Based on the results and data gathered, Adam and Tony will create the teams. These teams will have the opportunity to train together that evening in preparation for the tournament beginning the next day. 

Side note: all this data will also be entered into Tony's new Combine website/app (that will eventually be similar to the NFL scouting Combine). Tony will continue to monitor athletes at his different events and update the Combine accordingly. 


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