General clinic that reviews fundamental skills Tony + team believe are important. Major focus on ball handling-- which means lots of shooting and passing. Tony will also discuss his vision for the future of the sport. 


This clinic will serve as a review and follow-up. Tony + team will create a specific game plan to work on particular areas of improvement for each athlete (based on observation during the tournament). There will also be a lot of shooting and passing. 




Tony credits physical trainer Kenny Schroeder with keeping him injury free over most of his career. Kenny has also served as the official trainer for four different Olympic teams. He will discuss the importance of strength and conditioning for the young water polo athlete. An emphasis will be placed on muscle strength and balance, cardiovascular endurance, core and postural strength, and flexibility/shoulder stabilization. Kenny will draw from his 20 years of experience to answer as many direct questions as possible.


Join Cardinal Education for a presentation on the importance of academics in the athletic world. Success in the pool requires success in the classroom – a crucial link that is often missed when kids are thinking about their athletic futures. It took Tony quite a while to understand this, but when he did, it all started clicking for him. Together, we want to set you up for success, both in and out of the pool!


sports psychology

Lisa Mitzel is a Mental Training expert, former Head Coach of Women's Gymnastics at Stanford University, and NCAA National Champion gymnast at the University of Utah. She's also an author and speaker, and in her book, Focused and On Fire: The Athlete's Guide to Mental Training & Kicking Butt, Lisa shares the "skill of believing," how to build confidence, and many effective tools for athletes. Participants will learn methods to manage doubt, distraction, fear, pressure and how to manifest success. Lisa has a blast working with athletes, and she goes step-by-step, teaching core mental skills, critical mindsets, and fun exercises for sports. Athletes will learn self-awareness, higher-mind thinking, and the practice of believing that anything’s possible.  


Dr. Karen Bloch and Dr. Erika Figge are chiropractors from Bloch Wellness in Long Beach. Dr. Bloch, an athletic trainer, was on the medical staff at both the 2008 and 2012 Olympics. Dr. Figge, a former Team USA athlete, still plays water polo for the New York Athletic Club. She also spent six years as a strength and conditioning coach before earning her doctorate. Together, Bloch and Figge have created innovative ways to prevent injury and improve performance for athletes across sports. They will discuss use of dynamic warmup, proper strength training, effective recovery and manual therapies along with chiropractic adjustments. They seek to keep athletes performing at their highest level; by preventing injury, athletes have the greatest opportunity to improve performance.

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Holly Anderton is a nutrition and wellness expert who works with athletes of all ages to fine-tune their nutrition and lifestyle habits to achieve their performance goals. As a former casual runner who developed her own nutrition and performance plan to become a podium level ultra marathon runner, Holly is well versed in what it takes to make significant performance gains in a highly demanding sport. As a mom of two highly competitive and active boys - a 12 year old water polo player and a 14 year old runner - she knows exactly what it takes to fuel young athletes both in and out of the pool. Athletes will learn about the connection between what and when they eat and how they perform and recover.  They will also learn how to listen to their bodies to determine the foods that work best for them, and how to make reasonable and workable choices that will fuel them to perform their best no matter where they are or what options are available.

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Lisa & Tony Palmer spent 3.5 years formulating TropicSport, a mineral sunscreen that would work under extreme sport conditions but have silky smooth aesthetics and would rub in completely.  It also passes the four hour Australian water proof test.  

Tony has always been an avid proponent of skin protection for aquatic athletes and has experimented with countless sunscreens over his 20+ year career. He was drawn to TropicSport not only because he loves the way it feels on his skin (and stays on in the water), but also for the company's focus on environmental sustainability and outreach (up to 20% of sales go to community programs). 

Lisa will be on deck on the morning of Saturday, June 30 to give a short educational seminar on the importance of skin protection for young athletes. She will also be selling TropicSport products on deck throughout that day.