Clinics & Combine

Pre-tournament COMBINE

Tuesday, August 1

Run by Tony Azevedo, Adam Wright & Olympic coaches

For the pre-tournament COMBINE teams will be divided into groups of five for a private hour evaluation session. There will be 20 teams total (10 in each age group).

A Combine is combination of certain sport specific conditioning drills to determine speed, strength and skill level. The TAG ’17 team will run 6-8 water polo specific drills where the kids will be videoed and times recorded. The results will be added to an online database for all athletes to see and compare. 


  • Noon: 5 teams
  • 1 pm: 5 teams
  • 2 pm: 5 teams
  • 3 pm: 5 teams

Coaching Clinic

Led by Ricardo Azevedo

We encourage coaches from all levels of water polo to take advantage of this free clinic led by legendary coach Ricardo Azevedo.