More Details

  • No TEAMS from the USA are allowed to compete as a team— all entries are on an individual basis— no teammate or roommate requests

  • Some International teams maybe be allowed to participate together (due to language barriers) but will be encouraged to separate

  • Each team will be limited to 11 players to ensure quality playing time

  • If numbers are lower in an age category, teams will play a Beach water polo format of 4 on 4 and will be able to spend more quality time with their coaches

Extras & Add-ons


Go through a series of exercises and get filmed with our state-of-the-art Watlicam. Athletes will receive feedback on how to improve the most important skills for water polo and will be given the video footage to use as a reference and for recruiting purposes.

Film Breakdown

Film your child’s games and send a maximum of 5 min of video footage to our experts. Our team will breakdown your athlete’s strengths and weaknesses to help him/her better understand how to elevate their game and work on specific skills for improvement.