LA84 Foundation

LA84 in a non-profit organization working to bring the 2024 Olympic Games to Los Angeles. Foundation members will make a special guest appearance with the Olympic mascot + the official Olympic torch. 

Injury Prevention

Dr. Karen Bloch and Dr. Erika Figge are chiropractors from Bloch Wellness in Long Beach. Dr. Bloch, an athletic trainer, was on the medical staff at both the 2008 and 2012 Olympics. Dr. Figge, a former Team USA athlete, still plays water polo for the New York Athletic Club. She also spent six years as a strength and conditioning coach before earning her doctorate. Together, Bloch and Figge have created innovative ways to prevent injury and improve performance for athletes across sports. They will discuss use of dynamic warmup, proper strength training, effective recovery and manual therapies along with chiropractic adjustments. They seek to keep athletes performing at their highest level; by preventing injury, athletes have the greatest opportunity to improve performance.


Tony credits physical trainer Kenny Schroeder with keeping him injury free over most of his career. Kenny has also served as the official trainer for four different Olympic teams. He will discuss the importance of strength and conditioning for the young water polo athlete. An emphasis will be placed on muscle strength and balance, cardiovascular endurance, core and postural strength, and flexibility/shoulder stabilization. Kenny will draw from his 20 years of experience to answer as many direct questions as possible.


Join Cardinal Education for a presentation on the importance of academics in the athletic world. Success in the pool requires success in the classroom – a crucial link that is often missed when kids are thinking about their athletic futures. It took Tony quite a while to understand this, but when he did, it all started clicking for him. Together, we want to set you up for success, both in and out of the pool!


Vendor Village


Azevedo Forever

We think you can never have enough Azevedo gear. Come buy the official Aquatic Games t-shirt, Azevedo fidget spinners, bubble wands, beach balls and more!


Bloch Exercise Support and Recovery

Stop by to check out a few of Tony’s favorite recovery products such as mobots (water bottles & muscle rollers in one), incrediwear and more.


Jolyn Swimwear

Looking for a unique spin on swimwear design with either a one piece or a bikini that stays put while swimming, surfing, or being active? Check out Jolyn’s latest collections.


Hardcore Sport

Hardcore makes bold, bright, and edgy gear for athletes who consider fitness and sports-based competition to be central drivers of daily life. All products are both designed and hand-sewn in the heart of California.


Haute Sweets Baking Co

Ever had a water polo cake pop? Now is your chance, these beautifully crafted polo-themed sweets do not disappoint.


Long Beach Haute Box Mobile Boutique

This mobile boutique sells a range of unique clothing, accessories, towels and even “Water Polo Mom’” hats.


Shake Shake Lemonade

Nothing screams summer like frozen lemonade. Come get one or more of several creative flavors.


Suja Juice

You can’t play your best without staying healthy. Stop by this booth for free samples of Suja’s amazing organic, non GMO cold-pressed juices.


Beat the Heat

Hot? Come grab a delicious snow cone!


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